Reservation terms


    1. The Accommodation Policy is set up to guarantee everyone a uniform, orderly, serene and peaceful use of the facility. It has contractual nature between the accommodation facility and the Guest  and therefore, the request to stay in the accommodation and the acceptance of such request by Myholiday Livigno implies the total acceptance of these Rules.
    2. Failure to comply with the Rules and further directions of the Management involves removing the transgressor from the facility and its reporting of the fact to all the national and international tourism organizations, unless it is also reported to the Public Authorities if the failure to do so could possibly imply committing a crime.
    3. All the specific indications given in the placards in the ownership and / or property area of ​​the structure must also be observed.
    4. Parents (or those who legally exercise the power) are jointly responsible for the acts committed by their younger children within the facility and are required to supervise them and to ensure that they maintain a polite and respectful attitude towards others under their direct responsibility And in particular with regard to the obligation to respect the silence, the correct use of the baths, which can not be considered as playground or meeting place, and the equipment made available by the Structure to its Guests. Any activity that may cause disturbance to other Guests is prohibited. All the rules of this contract regulation must be observed in general.
    5. The conduct conducted by both older and minor children is considered to be of significant relevance and therefore any violation of the rules of this regulation and of the common rules of civil coexistence and of the good conduct of the structure will, according to the judgment contractually enforced by way of Inapplicable to the Direction, the immediate termination of the contract for the Guest’s presence and the removal of the facility within 5 hours of the contestation of the facts. In such a case, the management of the facility is entitled to withhold the sums already paid and to demand the remaining sums, including for damages, except for the right to compensation for the greater damage.
    1. 1.        Check-in will take place at our office located in Via Saroch 1688, or directly in the flat, the client is requested to communicate at least 2 days before departure an approximate time of arrival in Livigno. Check-in is from 16:00 onwards. Arrivals after 22:00 will incur an extra charge of 50 €.
    2. Upon arrival, guests must deliver their valid documents, passports or ID cards, which will be photocopied or scanned digitally for sending data to P.S.
    3. Guests must provide the balance of the reservation upon their arrival, excluding guests who, as per regulation, have already paid the balance.
    4. Unaccompanied minors will only be accepted if they have a release signed by their parents (or legally enforceable) with their contact details and copy of their document.
    5. The Direction, as provided for by the laws of the Italian Republic, has the right to expel without notice anyone who does not respect the regulation or behaves in such a way as to cause harm or disturbance.
    6. The flats are available from 16.00 on the day of arrival and are supplied complete with bed and bathroom linen and crockery; they must be vacated by 9.00 on the day of departure. Rates are per day, regardless of the time of arrival.
    7. It is forbidden by law and for the safety and tranquility of the other guests, access to the apartments to people who are not guests of the facility, unless expressly authorized by the management. The presence of unauthorized extraneous persons will promptly alert the Public Security Authorities and charge extra costs from the first day of the reservation and, in accordance with the contractually enforceable judgment of the Directorate, the immediate termination of the contract For the Guest and the departure from the facility within 5 hours of the contestation of the facts. Exceptionally, the management of the facility is entitled to authorize the stay of additional persons with possible costs charging by deducting them from the sums already paid or to claim the remaining sums.
  1.  RATES
    1. Rates are per day regardless of entry time.
    1. The down payment is 50% of the amount of the stay.
    2. The balance of the due must be paid within 14 days prior to check-in or with certain days in advance of the day of arrival according to the terms and conditions of booking and stay. At the time of the balance, the presence of animals or special situations must be communicated to the staff of the facility.
    3. For the payment of the advanced payment or the balance, the payment method is agreed between the parties according to the periods of stay (bank transfer, credit cards other payment methods).
    4. For cancellations, the full 50% deposit is charged up to 29 days before check-in and the full amount of the stay is charged for the remaining 29 days or in case of early departure or no show..
    1. Guests must pay a security deposit of € 200,00 by pre-authorisation on a credit card to be made 5 days prior to departure. Guests who have not paid by credit card, have run out of availability or do not have a credit card with them, are required to make the payment in cash.
    2. Deposit will automatically be refunded to cover any damages upon arrival at the property. The deposit is NOT INCLUDED, so it can not be used as part of it.

The deposit is also fully refundable within 2 days of departure, provided the following conditions are fulfilled:

1. There was no damage to property and context, in addition to normal depreciation and wear.

2. No damages have been incurred due to illegal activities, pets, sub-leases or services prevented during your stay.

    1. All rubbish, rubbish and waste has been disposed of in the designated collection area.
    2. The dishes used were reorganized in the same apartments as they were and they were cleaned in the wardrobes.
    3. All the keys are left on the kitchen table.
    4. Any outstanding payment must be made before your departure.
    5. No element of linen and towel set was lost or damaged.
    6. Do not anticipate arrival or late departure.
    7. Permits for car parks must be left inside the unit at the time of your departure.
    8. The tenant has not been sent away by the owner, or by his or her agent or law enforcement.
    1. At Timetable 1pm to 3 pm and 10 pm to 08 am is prohibited any noise that may disturb the guests’ rest, including a high voice tone. The use of radio and television is allowed in extreme moderation and, in any case, in absolute respect for the silence time. If, as a result of non-compliance with the above, the intervention of the Directorate or of the Guardian and Security Personnel will be charged or withheld from the security deposit the amount of € 50,00 per hour and as provided by the laws of the Republic Italian, the Management has the right to eject the Customer without notice and to report to the Public Authority.No smoking inside the facility.
    2. It is forbidden to use in the apartments of the structure of any musical instrument, both classical and electric and / or electronic.
    3. It is not allowed to move furniture and furnishings from the original arrangement.
    4. It is not allowed to enter the apartments with ski boots at the foot.
    5. It is not allowed to bring in ski, snowboard, bicycle or other equipment.
    6. It is not allowed to enter areas reserved for staff of the facility.
    7. It is not permitted to wax, sharpen the blades or to carry out general maintenance on bikes or anything within the structure except in specially designated locations by the Management.
    8. Inside the structure a decent and respectful clothing is required of the sensitivity and the modesty of others.
    9. It is not allowed to damage plants and flowers.
    10. It is not allowed to throw cards and waste away from the bins.
    11. It is not allowed to enter with weapons, knives, sticks or instruments considered contraband.
    12. The Direction, as provided for by the laws of the Italian Republic, has the right to expel without notice anyone who does not respect the Rules or behaves in such a way as to cause harm or disturbance.
    13. The Guardian and Security Personnel appointed by the Management, as well as the Directorate itself, are required to enforce the Regulations to anyone. each customer in the act of accepting hospitality in the Structure also agrees to submit to the Authority of such staff, which is in any case obliged to always respect the Laws of the Italian Republic and the principles commonly accepted by our courtesy culture and good education.
  1. WATER
    1. Water is a precious commodity for every community so it is absolutely forbidden to use water for improper use. Use is only for primary uses (personal hygiene, irrigation, etc.). Guests at the property will take care to avoid any form of waste.
    1. The apartments are equipped with central heating and pre-programmed to provide you with optimal temperature and comfort, however, the room temperature can never exceed 22 ° C, as according to the current regulations, the temperature of the heating of the houses can not exceed At 20 degrees, with a tolerance of 2 ° C in excess.
    2. In the apartments, during the winter season, there is absolutely no ban on leaving the apartment with open windows, this behavior, in addition to creating enormous environmental and economic damage due to the waste of thermal energy, endangers the plant itself It could freeze in the event of a failure, and it is not allowed to open the windows to keep the heating system in operation with the purpose of drying any wet clothing. The customer who does not comply with this rule will be charged an additional cost of € 50,00 per day for heating costs and may be removed from the facility as it places the facility and the other guests at high risk.
    1. Motorbikes and cars must remain in the parking area.The guest demands in contractual terms to the Directorate the unqualified judgment on the parking of his vehicle in a prohibited place and authorizes, from now on, any possible exception, the forced removal and the deposit in the place chosen by the Directorate with the aggravio in account of the cost Of the service.
    2. To ensure peace of mind to all guests in the property, owners of lycra mopeds must be careful to start their own vehicle outside the parking area near the access road.
    1. only in some structures and subject to acceptance of the regulation, payment of any additional costs, signing of release and exemption of responsibility and accepting never to leave them alone, pets are allowed (small, medium and large dogs), for all other animals including cats, written authorization from the Management is required.
    2. Animal-borne customers are solely responsible for the acts they carry out within the facility and are required to monitor them and to ensure that they do not cause any damage to people or things, they must always be kept on a leash or in special portions in all areas Common in respect of the other guests.
    3. Clients who are accompanied by animals must enforce the regulation, in particular, as regards the obligation of silence, the animal that continues to disturb the silent hours must immediately and compulsorily be removed from the structure.
    4. All animals must be vaccinated, with evidence of vaccination updates.
    5. Animals should never be left alone, both in the interior and on the balconies, in the common areas and outside the facility.
    1. Guests are not allowed to bring food and drinks to places other than the special kitchens and dining rooms (example: in the room or outside the building).
    2. DO NOT THROW nothing, if not toilet paper, in exhaust systems. Any damage caused to you in breach of this simple rule will be withheld or charged to the customer.
    1. The reservation, if it was not already, must be paid on the day of arrival.
    2. Cash, Credit Cards and Bancomat are accepted in accordance with applicable laws.
  1. WI-FI INTERNET (available only in some facilities)
    1. The property offers its customers the option of using Wi-Fi Internet connectivity, the network name and access password will be provided at check-in or exposed in the apartment.
    1. On the day of departure the flats must be vacated by 9:00 a.m. The keys to the flats must be handed in at our office.
    2. The bill must be payed on the day of arrival, any breakages or damages must be reported and sold before departure.
    1. The hotel cooperates with taxi drivers in Livigno for the transfert on arrival and departure, upon request of the client that must be received at least 7 days before the arrival and must contain presumably the scheduled times.
    1. Guests may use the services of the facility up to the maximum time of release of the rooms, i.e. by 9:00 a.m. on the day of departure.

2.   At the management's discretion, guests may be granted total or partial use of the facility's services (common areas, ski room, sauna) even after 9:00 a.m. on the day of departure. In the case of obtaining the above-mentioned concession, customers are required to comply with the provisions of these regulations and the rules in force until the time of departure.can benefit from the hotel’s facilities within the maximum number of rooms available, ie by 9 am in the months between December and April and before 10:00 am during the remaining months of the departure day.

    1. Emergency numbers are displayed in the apartment.
    2. Telephone numbers of the medical guard and emergency call are contained in the list of useful numbers contained in the folder in the apartment and may, however, be requested from the facility.
    3. Any infectious disease must be communicated to the Management.
  1. SAUNA (available only in some facilities)
    1. The use of the sauna is allowed only to guests of the structure. For sanitary hygiene reasons and to ensure the privacy and tranquility of our guests, the use of the sauna outside of the above mentioned times is strictly prohibited.
    2. For showering reasons it is mandatory to use the shower before entering the sauna.
    3. Children under the age of 18 are allowed to use the sauna only if accompanied and subjected to the parents or those exercising their homeland powers, while the use of the sauna is not recommended for children under the age of 6 Which is only allowed to use the sauna only if accompanied and under strict observance of the parents or those exercising their homeland power.
    4. In the sauna are forbidden shouts, shots and use of high voice tone.
    5. For hygienic reasons the use of the sauna is permitted only after covering the seats with suitable bath towels / towels. Bath towels are provided by the structure and are assigned throughout the stay, these must be returned on the day of departure. The towels can not be used for purposes other than the use of the sauna.
    6. It is not allowed to smoke and consume food in the sauna or in the immediate vicinity of the sauna.
  1. BARBECUE (available only in some facilities)
    1. Barbecue use is allowed from 9:30 am to 10 pm only to guests of the property. In order to guarantee the privacy and tranquility of the guests, it is absolutely forbidden to use the sauna outside the hours mentioned above.
    2. As a result of the use of the barbecue, guests are asked to leave everything clean, in order and make sure the fire is off.
    1. The garbage after being collected in the appropriate bags located in the apartments and in the bathrooms must be deposited in the containers placed outside the structure. It is not allowed to leave garbage or anything else in the apartments, in common areas, or anywhere else outside of the designated ones.
    2. The customer has to store the kitchen utensils and the kitchen utensils after it has been thoroughly cleaned, the amount of the reservation and the contribution to the cleaning costs, DOES NOT INCLUDE the reorder in the apartments and the washing of the utensils of kitchen, stoviglie, refrigerator and the take away of the garbage .
    3. If the customer does not provide cleaning as indicated above, the security deposit will be deducted from the security deposit for the cleaning of the premises which will never be less than € 100.00.
    1. The management of the structure does not respond to the lack of objects and / or values of the guests even in the presence of safety boxes in the apartment (each guest is required to care for the custody of the objects owned), damage resulting from force events (Atmospheric events, natural disasters, epidemics, diseases, falls of trees or branches or products that fall within the nature of the plants, wind blows, sea accidents, damage or car theft in the parking area and in the area of the structure). For no reason, at the time of departure, discounts will be recognized to cover any or alleged disruption that may occur as a result of the events described above.
    1. Whoever damages the building, movable property, equipment etc. It is considered legally liable under the applicable laws. Intentional thefts, damages and damages will be immediately denounced.
    2. Within the individual apartments you will find the list of accommodation units, this list is checked at every departure and it is the client’s responsibility to report any check-in in case of disagreement, otherwise the customer will be held liable for any damages.
    3. After departure, the property staff will check the apartments and the costs for the replacement of any damage or loss of keys are charged and are to be paid upon check out or will be withheld from the security deposit.
    4. All thefts, damages and ammunition can be charged up to 2 days after check out.
    1. The Management reserves the right to modify this Regulation at any time, which will be displayed at the entrance and published on the website of the facility.














--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Declaration of release and exoneration of liability for those who bring a pet I, the undersigned _____________________________________ born at _____________________ prov. ________ on _____/_____/________ Taxpayer's code: ________________________________ residing in Via/P.zza: __________________ City:__________________(___) Zip code:__________ having booked a flat from Myholiday Livigno Faro sas Di Rodigari Fabrizio e C, hereinafter also called "agency" DECLARE:

1. under my own responsibility:

That the animal has a microchip (only for dogs),

I self-certify that the animal is domesticated and is free from diseases transmissible to people or other animals that it has had all vaccinations required by law,

that I have insurance for any damage to persons or property caused by the animal or that I will be personally liable for any damage to third parties caused by the animal (to other animals, persons and objects).

I release the agency from responsibility for any escapes or injuries caused to my animal or by my animal to others,

that I have read the regulations and accept the contents and conditions in full.

2. in the event that it causes damage or discomfort to other clients, the agency reserves the right to ask you to terminate your stay without any claim for reimbursement for the lost stay,

 3. to exonerate the agency from any liability, be it civil or criminal, or of any other nature caused by the behaviour of the animal; The agency reserves the right to limit the maximum number of animals per flat and accommodation facility and reserves the right to terminate the holiday contract at any time and without notice to those who do not respect the above indications. I have read the above and sign for acceptance. Date and Signature ............................... ............................